Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Sunset Key
Cassidy Kent
ISBN 1-59426-563-1

Freesia Daniels, personnel specialist and consummate planner, wasn't prepared to get the boot from her company for possessing a heart. When she decides to return home from Boston to the sunny beaches of Key West to lick her wounds, she discovers her heartbroken past has finally caught up with her in the form of Zachary Gray, her childhood sweetheart. He lures her to his island getaway and lands them smack in the middle of a raging hurricane. Lightning doesn't often strike twice, but this storm might give them both a second chance at love.

Size: HeatSheet
Rating: Pulsar
Excerpt: http://www.phaze.com/Excerpts/SunsetKeyExcerpt.htm
Product Link: http://www.phazebooks.com/catalog/product_...?products_id=87

Saturday, April 15, 2006


Bonsoir, darlings! I remember many a visit to Paris as a child that bored me to tears (all of Daddy's diplomatic work could be quite dull), but the City of Lights has been absolutely breathtaking this go-around. I think the quality time I've spent with the town is going to give Parisian Skye the spirit she needs...

And the men! Let's just say, Thaddeus has been spending an awful lot of time with a charming man who's a cross between Lambert Wilson and Olivier Martinez. Sizzle... Wonderful inspiration for Mac. I could picture Tad's new main squeeze with a beard and dark glasses...

Well. Maybe not. :)

But, at least Taddie's job satisfaction rate is climbing, and my WIP is zipping along. I know exactly where I want to go with it now, even if I *am* still working on the Garnier Opera scene. I decided to costume Skye in this gorgeous ballgown (you'd think I'm writing a Regency). Between the crimson heat of her dress and Mac in his scorching tux, those two are going to set that Opera House on fire.

Oops. I guess they've been there, done that. ;-)

Anyway, time to make a Cassi-tini and get some shut-eye. I wonder where I can buy a bottle of coconut rum at this hour...?



Monday, April 10, 2006

Sunset Key Cover

Hello everyone! I just wanted to announce that I've got a cover for my novella from Phaze! I'm not sure the release date yet..but I know it's this month. As soon as I get the the news you'll be the first to know.

As you can tell, I've been MIA. Well, I've got a great reason for that. I'm trying to finish up my WIP and it's proven to be a bit trickier than expected. My last resort was to do some much needed research. I hopped a plane with some girlfriends and we headed to the City of Amour...Why not do what the parisiennes do?

Can't stay long because I'll be taking a tour of le Opera today. I'll add pics once I have a chance.