Monday, June 26, 2006

Hiding out pays off

Not only did SANTA'S HELPER get released on June 11th, I just discovered I've made two sales in one week!

I sold WHAT LIES IN WINTER to Amber Quill and RALEIGH IN RIO to Phaze. This is a cosmic thing as the last time it seemed to be in the same order... hummm...

Tonight I'm making Raspberry Mojitos and toasting to the Gods for the wonderful streak of sales. I can now go spa-ing with Taddie since my conscience will be guilt free. After this, I'll be back in my cubby churning out new materials.

Ah, the life of a writer can be so stressful...yet oh-so invigorating...

Short Blurbs:

Release date :: Coming soon

When workaholic Hayley goes on a much needed holiday to her favorite cabin hideaway tucked deep in the mountains of the Mammoth ski resort, she doesn’t expect to meet the beast of a man occupying her rental.

Bestselling mystery author, Nicholas Rhiordan, happens to have the same plan in mind, vacationing in his luxury cabin. He wants nothing better than to be left alone to finish his next novel, but when Hayley makes a surprise appearance, he discovers she’s hell-bent on disrupting his peaceful balance. Like any feral beast, his only recourse is to throw her out on her ass in a heap of snow and hope that she gets the hint.

When a relentless blizzard forces them to share the same quarters, their fiery personalities and equally combustible attraction could melt the ice caps off the snowy mountains. Once the storm blows over, will their connection fizzle like a snow flurry or will they pen a perfect ending?

Release date :: Coming soon

Raleigh Campbell just learned that her five year marriage was a sham. Not only did she find her husband in their bed with a co-worker, but he has been carrying on the affair for four years! To cheer her up, Raleigh’s friends take her to Rio during Carnival to celebrate her 30th birthday and pending divorce. Little does she know that her soon-to-be ex has cheated his company more than her. Private investigator Cristo Santiago has been assigned to watch Raleigh’s every move in search of twelve million dollars of embezzled corporate money and that’s landed him in the hot waters of obsession. His love for Raleigh is sealed under the starry Rio sky, but can he find the missing money without losing Raleigh’s trust?