Wednesday, June 06, 2007

On fire...

I am so incredibly happy over the success of my newest book. Fortune's Fool is tearing up the charts wherever it's sold! Even though it was released at the end of the month, our anthology hit the Phaze bestseller list for May!! It's also the #4 bestseller of Phaze titles at Fictionwise and number #26 on the list of all erotica titles at Fictionwise, the largest online distributor of ebooks in the world!

Be still my heart...

To celebrate, I'm posting a hot-hot-hot excerpt from Miranda Writes, my contribution to Fortune's Fool.

Enjoy! (Be forewarned, the following contains scenes of graphic sexuality. It is not intended for readers under 18.)

...So far, this encounter had exceeded expectations. After all, she'd already been arrested and outwitted a criminal. Her fantasy life was always richer than her reality ever could be, which is why she took such pleasure in pleasing herself. Now that the handcuffs were on, all bets were off in terms of reality and the usual.

Besides the interesting details, there was something strange between them, something ethereal and predestined. This same sizzling� connection made her feel as if she had little choice about the course of events. That each small movement was supposed to happen. Had to happen.

"This is some fantasy to you, isn't it? Something zany to put into a silly book?"

She blushed, genuinely this time, for it seemed he could read her thoughts. Sure, he had belittled her work, which she did not take lightly, but the idea that he could know her mind made her shiver. She wanted nothing more than to escape him now.

Good luck, what with your hands cuffed behind his neck.

He took the momentary fracture in her defenses as an opportunity to break her. Archer swung her around by the waist, pinning her against the wall. His unsmiling mouth came down hard upon hers, as if he was about to undergo the most serious of tasks.

The kiss was like a sigh of relief, a dam breaking after relentless pressure. It had been a while and Miranda was hungry. Archer's mouth was firm and insistent as it closed over her upper lip. A warm gush of liquid heat wet her panties when his tongue slipped into her mouth to touch hers. He slid his tip over the side of hers and she relished the slow, sensuous stroke.

That pacing couldn't last for long, and the tempo quickly built to a frenzy as they battled for dominance over the heated kiss. With lips swollen and wet, they explored each other's mouths like uncharted territories. Miranda lost herself in the kiss until she heard a metallic click from behind Archer's head.

He had freed her hands. And she could only guess why.

His mouth left hers and she felt suddenly bereft without the connection, left with only the loud, throaty sound of her own gasping breath. He trailed kisses across her cheek and throat, following a slow, delightful path to her hairline. Archer then bit down on her earlobe, holding it firmly between his teeth as he tongued it back and forth. Unable to escape without pain, she silently endured the sweet torture.

"Fantasies are all right," he whispered into her ear, "in a lonely the darkness...but what if we made them real?"

The suggestion effectively knocked every coherent thought out of her head. He smelled like pure sex, a fragrance she had noted the moment she'd pulled his shirt over his head. The scent mocked her now, practically begging her to lick every exposed inch of his torso. The handcuffs still hanging from her wrist, Miranda slid her hand down between them and grasped his cock through thick denim. She outlined its tantalizing swell with her palm.

Archer groaned and Miranda wrapped her free hand around him, grabbing his tight ass to pull him against her. She spread her legs, rubbing herself all over his hardened length. His eyes widened in surprise, then narrowed, as if he had given himself over to the idea that she had pretty much lost her mind. Miranda agreed, but she could do nothing to help herself except ride the wave of lust to shore.

He kissed her passionately again, and her kiss was as bold as his, meeting him stroke for stroke, challenging him to outdo her.

"You think you can shock me, Archer?" Miranda asked, her tone designed to emasculate. "Go ahead and try."

He slid a hand up the inside of her thigh, causing a ripple of goosebumps in the cool air. He hooked a finger around the string of her thong and ripped off her underwear.

Here's something new, she thought.

His knuckle drifted down over her cleft and parted her sex. She moaned once. He swirled a finger between the lips of her pussy, gliding over the slick flesh, but never breaking their gaze until he brought his finger to his mouth to taste her moisture. Miranda was momentarily taken aback, and Archer looked smug, as if he'd bested her. No way would she let him think he'd won.

She smiled as he brought his hand forward and she captured his finger between her lips. Miranda had never tasted herself before and the idea of it drove her wild. With the saline taste of herself still on her lips, she went on to do him one better, unzipping his jeans and dropping to her knees.

Miranda prided herself on her ability to give a good blow job. She had nothing but contempt for women who gave a lackluster performance.

She yanked down his jeans and began with a long slow lick from base to tip, eliciting an approving groan from Archer. When her lips enveloped the head of his cock for the first time, Miranda taunted him by meeting his eyes and holding their locked gaze all the while she licked and sucked him off. After breathless minutes of pumping up and down over his hardened member, she tasted his pre-ejaculate. Her nipples tightened and tingled, excited by the prospect of tasting his come and winning their little battle.

Instead, he withdrew from her mouth and stripped down to nothing. Even in the garish light of the hanging bulb, the sight of his nude body floored Miranda. No desk job for this man. From the looks of his muscular thighs and rigid abdomen, Archer spent his time in the field, chasing down the bad guys or whatever it was he did.

Archer raised an eyebrow at her appreciative gaze, but then narrowed his eyes as if an idea had just occurred to him. He hauled her to her feet and held her by the elbow as he glanced around the room, seemingly looking for something. He must have found it, for he pulled her into the corner so fast that he accidentally booted the trash bags at his feet. Scrapped counterfeit bills spilled out at their feet, the botched leftovers of bleached dollars turned hundreds.

Miranda was so shocked that when he let go of her arm to shove her against the wall, she fell upon the pile of illegal tender. Although the move was disproportionately rough and violent when compared to their lovemaking, the aggression actually excited her more than anything. Miranda found that she loved to be on her hands and knees facing a corner. The bizarre thought of fucking a stranger on top of a mound of money in that same corner further encouraged her lust and excitement. It was decadent and outlandish.

She loved it...

© Cassidy Kent 2007

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Fortune's Fool is out and already it's getting rave reviews. Serena from Fallen Angel Reviews gave the book 5 Angels, a perfect rating! She called Miranda Writes, my contribution to the anthology, "just plain sexy".

And doesn't that make me smile.

This is the first review I've seen for Fortune's Fool and it's a great way to start. It's the bestselling title of all of my books on Fictionwise right now (it's hard to believe I have seven up now), and did I mention it's on sale for 25% off for a limited time only?

Le sigh...

I just love the cover of this book. Thanks, Paul. :-)


Four mistresses of erotic romance present a collection of tales destined to get pulses racing. Sexy psychics offer delectable divination in the past, present, and future?

KING OF SWORDS.... Biana D'Arc Sparks ignite when a psychic meets a special ops warrior aboard a space station. When enemies attack, will close quarters and danger draw them together?

TEMPTING FATE Eva..... Gale An up-and-coming banker falls for the town palm reader. She might be breathtaking, but a spinster from a notorious psychic family is hardly the career boost he wanted.

MIRANDA WRITES... Cassidy Kent A novelist becomes a fortune-teller for book research. When an FBI agent mistakes her for a counterfeiter, danger and romance ensue. Will she meet her deadline... or wind up just plain dead?

FLESH AND BONE.... Selah March Tortured by a sadistic murderess, a detective may suffer an agonizing death. Only a local psychic can find him, but will she save him? Or be caught in evil's web?