Saturday, January 27, 2007

A Rainy Day in LA

Today is the day I finish Dolce & Diana. I can feel it in my bones. Or maybe that's just the LA rain. Either way, it's been a great writing day. I finished up the upcoming Amber Heat release, Dear John, with my editor Karin Story, and now it's on its way to formatting. Yay!

I've been holed up in a Studio City cafe all day, staring out at a grey Ventura Boulevard and contemplating Chance and Diana's motivations to get together, already! Don't worry, they'll make it. The two of them are just taking their sweet time. I'm way past my minimum word count for this one, but the story keeps going. As soon as I finish it, Dolce & Diana will be teaming up with Sunset Key and Raleigh in Rio to make my third print release, Tropical Trysts, coming out sometime this summer.

In other news, I got a pretty good review for What Lies in Winter. Sin St. Luke from Just Erotic Romance Reviews called it, "well-written, with a good deal of internal conflict." She also said that "Ms. Kent has written a great couple, with funny dialogue and a believable chemistry." Apparently, What Lies in Winter is "a sweet holiday read that will keep us all wishing for love at first sight."

Thanks, Sin!

I'm off to finish up Dolce & Diana. Next up, Miranda Writes, Cassidy Kent's contribution to the upcoming Fortune's Fool anthology from Phaze...