Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Behind Closed Doors

I've literally locked myself in my office since I've been editing and writing new material to submit. Pooh, but I've gotten my first rejection from Red Sage Publishing...on a good note, they liked my writing and want me to submit more of my novellas! Next order of business will be working on some juicy things for RSP.

Let me tell you, writing the Samba for Phaze makes me want to take salsa lessons. I can tell you that my hero sizzles like no other latin hottie I've ever written (if I have written any before. LOL)...sigh, this storyline is so much fun! I'm going to book a trip to Taddie and me to go to Brazil--definitely for Carnival next year, if not sooner... humm, gives me a great vacation planning opportunity.

Oh heavens, look at the time! I must grab my latte and head right back in to my office. No time to spare! Must write!